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Shlensky O. F. «Combustion and explosion of materials: New aspects»

Shlensky O. F. «Combustion and explosion of materials: New aspects» ISBN: 978-5-94588-140-2
Год выпуска: 2014
Число страниц: 216
Автор(ы): Шленский О.Ф.

Цена:  600 руб.

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The author of the book “Combustion and explosion of materials: New aspects” O. F. Shlensky proposed a new approach to modeling of combustion and explosion processes in energetic materials (EM) with allowance for kinetics of phase transformations (PT), attainable superheating of EM, and finite heat transport rate.

Phase transformations restrict an increase in the burning surface temperature to the boiling point of decomposing EM at deflagration and to the attainable superheating temperature at a high-speed combustion regime called subdetonation. Phase transformations activate chemical reactions at the nucleation and boiling stages, like in the case of autocatalysis, and afterwards are coupled with chemical reactions to form a single chemophase transformation (CPT) process. The author proposed to take into account these processes at modeling.

The author developed a new contact technique of thermal analysis applied to measure kinetic characteristics of PT and CPT processes with temperature rise rates of up to 105 K/s ended in a regime of temperature constant. Using this technique, the author was the first to assess the attainable superheating temperatures and the nucleation kinetics of basic EM.

    - A new model of mechanically activated initiation of solid (based on the Feynman theory on the stability of anharmonic oscillator oscillations) and liquid (based on calculations of the work of CPT nucleation) EM by shock impacts, dry friction, and vibrations is suggested.
    - A new model of EM deflagration and of its transition to subdetonation at the attainable superheating temperature based on the parabolic and hyperbolic heat conduction equations with allowance for the heat transport rate is suggested.
Author’s concept of modeling combustion and explosion processes changes the traditional ideas about application of existing models of gas mixtures and EM combustion and permits one to make the results of calculations and experimental data on combustion and explosion processes essentially consistent. The suggested models help to find the optimum of components in composite propellants.

Combustion and explosion processes are considered for the first time as a result of superheating, nucleation, and subsequent CPT; the superheating wave propagating at a supersonic velocity in the course of explosion induces a shock wave in EM and then in the expanding gaseous combustion products.

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