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Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference “Homo Sapiens Liberatus” in celebration of the 85th birthday of professor V. P. Skulachev ISBN: 978-5-94588-277-5
Год выпуска: 2020
Число страниц: 64

Цена:  2 000 руб.

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Bioenergetics in its main initial discoveries stemmed from the science developed in the Soviet Union before the World War 2. Later, it became one of the most popular biological sciences in the world basing on fundamental knowledge of biology, physics, and biochemistry. Bioenergetics impressively flourished in the second part of the XX century which was rewarded with two Nobel prizes directly related to bioenergetics. Basic principles of bioenergetics as a science exploring production, transmission, and transduction of energy in living cells became irrefutable due to efforts of scientists all over the world with great contributions of Russian scientists. Professor Vladimir Skulachev belongs to these people with numerous discoveries which put his name among main world scientific leaders not only in bioenergetics but also in related biomedical disciplines. Basically, he established his own and unique school which has been dissipated over the world still leaving main home in A. N. Belozersky Institute of Physico-Chemical Biology at Moscow State University. Number of Prof. Skulachev’s discoveries is so vast that to cover all subjects related to his findings, many conferences devoted to his activity had to include in their numerous sessions a great variety of topics which was a demonstration of multifacet activity of this Russian scientific leader. The conference “Homo sapiens liberatus” is one of such examples covering consideration of many sides of biomedical science closely related to bioenergetics. In its two meetings in the past occurred 5 and 10 years ago, this conference showed that it can collect scientific brains across the world who not only can discuss current state of biological science but also suggest a main road for further discoveries.

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